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Trust in our experience gained in over 48 years of design and shipbuilding

Learn the A, B, C of how to design and install an irrigation system

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This is exactly the case. We know well the problems that are often faced when you want to build an irrigation system
we have done these types of courses precisely to help you get off to a good start.

means wasting less time fixing mistakes, making less effort (it cannot be denied that there is a physical part) and above all


2 courses that will allow you to better understand the dynamics of an irrigation system
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Being able to attend a coaching course for 360° training in this subject helped me a lot to avoid mistakes that would have cost me much more, thank you!!

Giorg Taylor

I didn’t think there were so many solutions for a single system, combining multiple brands gave me an edge

Marec Smith

During the course you can really feel the passion that Federico puts into transmitting his know-how to us students.

Violet Wright

2 online courses on irrigation for the price of 1!

Meet your instructor

Federico Segato is the main trainer of this service. His experience has matured in more than 28 years between construction sites and design despite having actually taken his first steps in the world of irrigation at the age of 14 with his father, now a veteran of residential, sports and public irrigation, having started in 1974.

Federico has more than 7,000 projects under his belt and over 4,000 construction sites in recent years.

He often acts as a consultant for cutting-edge solutions, researching them around the world and testing them firsthand.

The continuous contact with the big houses such as Toro, Rain Bird and Hunter allow him to always be updated with the latest news and with his great passion he tries to pass on his experience to his students.

Federico Segato

Learn the basics of sprinklers design and installation for your irrigation system

This video will help you better understand how to measure the right flow rate at the pressure needed to operate your irrigation system

With our courses will you have an edge?

Course: How to make a irrigation system € 199,90

Offer 2 x 1 € 99,90 instead of €399,00

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