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BASIC plan

/ 2 lessons
  • 90-minute online consultation by reservation
  • 1 extra 5% discount code on the website for irrigation

PLUS plan

/ 4 lessons
  • 90-minute online consultations by reservation
  • 1 code of 10% discount for purchases in our online shop
  • 10% discount on the purchase of courses


/ 6 lessons
  • 90- minute online consultarion by reservation

  • 2 code of 10% discount for purchases in our online shop
  • 10% discount on the purchase of courses

Payments normally go through the PayPal circuit.

If you don't have an account don't worry you can pay with your card without registration.

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Subscribers can purchase any available course and propose ideas for new courses

Email assistance is the assistance we give to our subscribers who come from the newsletter that automatically activates the free plan or who comes from the single registration.

The online appointment is an appointment that is obtained by booking through our online calendar 

Of course, you can have an invoice if you send us your Tax Code or VAT number (depending on the type of company you are) as well as your registered office. If you are registered with AIRE you can have the VAT refunded. If you are a private individual, your domiciliation data is enough to issue the payment receipt

Assistance is provided through the most popular platforms. We prefer to use the Telegram channel but WhatsApp and Messenger are also available. Once you have purchased the subscription, you will need to send us an email with your telephone contact or profile details.

We intend to design an irrigation system with a maximum floor plan of 300 square meters. The floor plan refers to a drawing in .pdf, cad (.dwg, .dxf) or photos (.jpg, jpeg, or others) with all the measurements written. If you have any doubts contact us on

Depending on the type of plan selected, 1 or 2 projects will be done per month. The project also includes the material list necessary to make it. If you are interested in a continuous service send an email to

The consultation is a 90-minute appointment that can be obtained through our online calendar

For lessons we mean the extra lessons for the comparison of exercises or new projects that are normally already active with the students in addition to the already active account via email or chat