the design and how to start ..

How does the service work?

Why don't we share design programs / software via the web?

We do not propose these systems for the simple fact that:

  • As easy as the interface is, there is a big difference between the various brands both from a technical and hydraulic point of view and the programs know either one or the other
  • Some sprinklers are more suitable than others for certain applications, despite having the same range of action, see angle adjustment, water consumption and uniformity of the pluviometric aspect
  • The time it takes to understand how it works does not give you the certainty of the correct choice of materials
  • The NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST exposure variables are normally not considered
  • Mixing various brands requires knowledge of the tables and their real limits

Even we who have done over 4,000 projects still make considerations today before proposing certain materials to optimize the result of a project

From our experience on over 5,000 projects we have divided the service into 5 design levels to get as close as possible to the needs of our customers.

Level 1

for simple projects up to approximately 150 square meters

Level 2

for projects ranging in size from about 150 to 300 square meters

Level 3

for projects ranging in size from about 300 to 700 square meters

Level 4

for projects of size ranging between 700 and 1500 square meters

Level 5

for projects over 1,500 square meters - customized quotation

Example of our executive project

Example General List of Materials

Development of a detailed list of body fittings